First revealed in issue #2 of MANIA, Dr. Tessa Ignatius is the inventor of the Fusion Generator and a distinctive Supermanic; choosing to focus on her previous scientific research over fighting crime. Shunned due to her refusal to work with Fahrenheit, Iris is forced to scrape by with her understaffed and underfunded laboratory while hiding from her former friend: Prism. The few times Iris does use her powers the results are impressive; she wields the ability to alter matters’ physical state, allowing her to elude capture and stay one step ahead of her old partner.

Dr. Tessa Ignatius, who is now more commonly known as Iris, was never shy about her experiences with her obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Believing her struggles only gave her strength and allowed her to be even more precise than the average person. With peerless execution she passed all the necessary exams to obtain her doctorate in physics at an extremely young age. But her successes came at a cost; she struggled to connect or even engage with others and her own family felt distant and unimportant.

Iris is a rare Supermanic, as she focuses more on using science and research to achieve her ends; her powers are a last resort, meant only to fix that which is broken or out of place.