Midna is quite possibly the most famous criminal in all of New Renard, the “City without Crime” and thrives on being center stage. Despite her young age she has a vast record ranging from petty theft to acts of domestic terrorism.

The most powerful weapon Midna wields is her unique ability to mesmerize anyone she sees into falling in love with her; making even approaching her a dangerous venture.

Midna realized that news articles and grainy pictures were not enough to satiate her ego so she developed a livestream known as “MidnaLive” on an independent server to film her crimes. They garner millions of views while audiences around the world observe the uncensored detail of her destruction.

The origins of this criminal mastermind are shrouded in mystery and all attempts to capture her have proved catastrophic. With unchecked power and a pension for violence Midna has cemented herself as the face of crime in New Renard.