Sati Chhal, the Supermanic renowned as Prism, grew up alongside her closest friend; Tessa Ignatius (Iris). The two were inseparable but while Tessa was focused and controlled, Sati was wild and couldn’t keep her focus in one place. Her mind travelled at rapid speed, jumping from idea to idea. It wasn’t that she wanted to be distracted, but she saw potential in everything all at once. Tessa was her rock, her guiding focus, but when Sati made the choice to sell her company to Maxwell Reitag everything turned south.

Sati Chhal is Fahrenheit’s robotics expert and head of research and development. Together with Iris she helped develop the first fully functional Fusion Generator. Sati, who goes by the moniker Prism when on assignments, specializes in overwhelming her opponents with her robotic minions, the Locusts, and her personal combat mech: N4G4. While her engineering genius can’t be matched Prism’s most dangerous tool is the power allotted to her as a Supermanic. With it she is able to offshoot her thoughts and desires into machines around her, bending them to her will and giving them a consciousness of their own.