Jack of Many Faces

Jack is one of the oldest and most feared Supermanics in New Renard. Jack is an enigma; some argue he doesn’t even exist. In reality he serves as Fahrenheit’s Enforcer and Infiltrator. His fractured mind creates multiple personalities that Jack is able to jump into, his powers allowing him to physically alter his body to resemble the new personality.

The mysterious and deadly Jack of Many Faces is one of the oldest Supermanics in the city. While he was one of the few Supermanics not to be born with his disability his life was one of strife from the day he was born. Born the son of Graham Reitag, a vicious and cruel serial killer, Jack was exposed to untold amounts of violence from a young age. Without the knowledge of his mother Jack was often taken on “hunting” trips with his father where his father would show him the horrors of what he did.

Things came to a head when Jack was ordered to partake in the violence himself. Left with no other choice, Jack did the only thing he could think to do and attack his father, killing him. The event was so traumatic that Jack retreated back into his mind, seeking some way to cope with what had happened. In that time Jack developed several personalities to escape into realities in which his father wasn’t a monster and he hadn’t committed patricide. These personalities, however, became all too real for Jack. Unlike most, instead of only his mind altering, Jack’s very body, his face, his voice, could change as well. Jack was truly able to become an entirely new person.

As he struggled to learn how his powers worked he was found by his uncle, Maxwell Reitag, who sympathized with his nephew’s strife but saw that he was too far gone to be properly healed. Reitag resolved to put his nephew’s twisted past to a “noble” use and began training Jack for a new purpose. Now Jack of Many Faces serves as the assassin and enforcer of Fahrenheit, utterly unaware of who he once was and what his family did to him.