mania is a tool to raise human consciousness

humanity is undergoing a major shift on the planet right now.

we are evolving beyond our prior limits.

Entertainment has been used to escape reality but what if it was used intentionally to help transform reality?

mindful entertainment is where art and personal development intersect.

Awakening. Quantum Shift. Ascension. Collective Evolution.

Instructions (For Best Results)

  1. Bring into awareness 

Exclusive Bundle (1,2,3) - 

Mindful Entertainment includes:

  • Instructions to use the encoded layers of intelligence to upgrade your subconscious mind that put you in touch with your quantum superpowers.
  • Invite to the private Supermanics Unite Facebook Group with Jeremy Lasman providing story insights, coaching, guidance as well as Live interactivity. ($1,200 value)

Advertising the Personal Advancement potential while enticing a fucking cool sci-fi story that is filled with deep messages and themes. Also entertaining as fuck. 


    What are some potential results?

    • New paradigm understanding about your quantum nature.
    • Empowerment of your struggle
    • Gain deeper awareness of your own unique genius (your superpower)
    • Heightened sense of happiness and well-being
    • Realize a deeper connection with your imagination 

    Fucking Cool Sci-Fi Story

    • Long term transmedia narrative storytelling across multiple mediums both physical and digital
    • Learn more about the layers, characters, plot, setting, themes, story, action, drama
    • Discover easter eggs and connections
    • See the story unfold and questions answered

    Single Issue - $45



    Bundle (1,2,3) - $99